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Shiver Siberians

Welcome to Shiver Siberians. We are located in Calgary, AB Canada

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April 20 2020

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Thank you for visiting our catteries page and for your interest in the beautiful Siberian Cat.

Our Siberians are raised in our homes and live with us as part of our family. We are very blessed to have our furry ones greet us at the door, sleep with us and be constantly near us - we wouldn't have it any other way.

The number one question asked is "Is it True? Are Siberians really hypo-allergenic?." Please first of all take note that it says "hypo" and not "non". It is believed that Siberian's have reduced Fel D1 levels compared to other cats. The best way to test is to test in person. Even in the Siberian breed the allergins are rated from low to high so just because you don't react to one does not mean you will not react to another. For this reason it is best to test with the mom/dad of your kitten to be. If this is not possible the next best thing is a fur and saliva sample.

What is it like living with a Siberian?  Well just like people all cats have different personalities. Some are quieter, some are more talkative. Some will play for hours on end and some are more content to play for shorter periods and then lay down and look at you like you are crazy for swinging a toy in front of them. One thing is for certain though Siberians are very loyal cats. Almost like dogs - greeting you at the door and being near you is something almost all Siberians do. Listening to them chirp rather then meow is one of our favourite things as well.

Oh my goodness...... look at all that fur! They must shed like crazy!?  Actually no they don't. At least not as much as you would think. Siberians typically blow their coat twice a year. In the springtime when they lose their full winter coat which is meant to keep them warm in the cold winters of Siberia and then in the fall when they lose their summer coat in preparation of the winter to come. Not saying that you will never find cat hair in your home or won't have to wipe your pants off before going out sometimes but for the most part they don't leave hair all over the place and even when they do blow their coats its more in clumps so its fairly easy to pick/vacuum up.

Why do they cost what they do!?  Breeding isn't as easy or as cheap as most people think. Testing to make sure our lines are heathy and disease free is expensive and ongoing. Not to mentions courier & importation fees just to name a few.