"Skyfire Brintley" came to our home in May 2016 from "Skyfire Cattery" in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. She is an energetic, playful, talkative goofy cat that never leaves my side. Brintley has been spayed and is now a companion for our male "Frost".

Brintley Facts:

DOB: January 2nd 2015

Weight: 11 Pounds 4 Ounces

Colour: f 03 (Black Tortie with White)

Registered With: TICA as "Skyfire Brintley"

Father: Amurin Naatan/Fi

Mother: Mirra Aryskotracja

Breeder: Frank Swafford of Skyfire Cattery

Nicknames: Brint &  Brintals

Favourite Toy: Anything that moves

Favourite Food: BFF brand

Funny Quircks: She has an intense desire to explore and that leads to many mishaps like falling off the fridge while trying to see inside of it.

Brintley as a kitten in Oklahoma, USA . Thanks to "Skyfire Cattery" for these adorable pictures